• 2017 Columbia Teachers College, Creative Technologies Curriculum (Summer Intensive), New York City, NY

  • 2009-2015 Ph.D. Media and Communications candidate, European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland

  • 2008 M.A., Arts & Cultural Management, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University

  • 2007 M.F.A., Digital Media Concentration, Claremont Graduate University; Claremont, CA

  • 1986 B.A. English, Fine Arts Concentration, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

EGS: Friedrich Kittler seminar (2010)

EGS: Friedrich Kittler seminar (2010)

"Content 4" (2007)

"Content 4" (2007)



  • 2018: “4D VyNIL,” Dock Studios, Williamsburg/Brooklyn, NYC, NY; “HOME Show,” Astoria, OR

  • 2016: “For Paris,” Wild Heart Salon, Bushwick/Brooklyn, NYC, NY

  • 2014: “Old Hick & A Big Bang,” David Lusk Gallery, Nashville, TN

  • 2013: “Fallacies of Hope,” SLAG Gallery, Bushwick/Brooklyn, NYC, NY

  • 2012: “NO MAS: Occupational Art School,” Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX

  • 2011: “Struggle, Mission, Task,” Hotel Metropol, Saas-Fee, Switzerland (EGS)

  • 2008-10: [At and AFH Tumblr/Ning network] “MGT;” “Song of the Bush;” “I Love You, Monster” (New Paintings); “ARTSTAR;” “Vision + Beauty;” “How To Start a Collective in a Recession;” “Notes on Dimensional Time;” “There’s No Art in Hell;” “Cali Car Culture;” plus many others

  • 2008: “Content5,” Yarger|Strauss Contemporary Art (Timothy Yarger Fine Art), Beverly Hills, CA

  • 2007: “Content4,” MFA Thesis expo, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA; “Lula #1: Super Lucky #1,” ART FOR HUMANS GALLERY CHINATOWN, Los Angeles, CA; “Content,” ART FOR HUMANS GALLERY CHINATOWN, Los Angeles, CA; “Patterns #1,” ART FOR HUMANS GALLERY CHINATOWN, Los Angeles, CA; “Patterns #2,” ART FOR HUMANS GALLERY CHINATOWN, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2006: “Seven Episodes,” Claremont Graduate University Installation Gallery, Claremont, CA

  • 2005: “A Prayer For Clean Water, Parts I-III,” St. Edward’s University Fine Arts Gallery, Austin, TX; “Overflow Show,” Pump Project at Shady Tree Studios, Austin, TX

  • 2004: “Entry,” Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX

  • 2003: “Eureka!” Guider House, Nashville, TN; “Homage,” Eureka City Hall, Eureka, CA; “Eureka,” Art for Humans; “Dress Rehearsal,” Art for Humans; “Little Girl,” Art for Humans; “Corrupted,” Art for Humans; “Digital Prints form Seam,” Art for Humans ; “Snowhaus,” Art for Humans; “Solace,” Art for Humans

  • 2002: “D.I.G. Through V”; Downtown Presbyterian Church; Nashville, TN; “Give Away,” Guider House, Nashville, TN; “Last Call,” AFH Studio, Nashville, TN; “Dance Theatre School,” Art for Humans; “Little Girl,” Art for Humans; “Lightboxes,” Art for Humans; “Haunted,” Art for Humans; “Prick,” Art for Humans; “RX,” Art for Humans; “Creativity Pays ,“ Art for Humans; “Incidence,” Art for Humans; “Road Show 2: Afterburn,” Art for Humans; “Music for the Mind,” Art for Humans; “Skin and Ink,” Art for Humans; “Road Show,” Art for Humans; “Opening Credits,” Art for Humans; “Conversations at TAG,” Art for Humans; “Portraits,” New Media and performance, 33rd Nashville Independent Film Festival, Nashville, TN; “Out with the Old/In with the New,” Open Studio, Nashville, TN; “Conference Room,” TAG Gallery, Nashville, TN

  • 2001: “Culture01,” Polifilo, Nashville, TN; “15 FPS Part 2,” multimedia presentation, Six Degrees, Nashville, TN; “15 FPS Part 1,” multimedia presentation for FilmNashville (NFVA), Citation Soundstage, Nashville, TN, “Jewels of the Nagas,” Yoga Source, Nashville, TN

  • 2000: “The Hunger & the Feast,” commissioned installation, Virago, Nashville, TN; “Windows to the World” (01) Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery, Nashville, TN; “Heartless 01” (01) J&J’s Café & Market (multimedia installation), Nashville, TN

  • 1999: “Cowboyz + Cowgirlz Revisited,” Dreamworks, Nashville, TN

  • 1998: “ZOUNDS!!!” The Pineapple Room at Cheekwood Museum, Nashville, TN (lecture); “The Embrace,” Third Coast Clay, Nashville, TN; “Cowboyz + Cowgirlz,” Four Crows Gallery, Nashville, TN

  • 1997: “Tobacco Road,” The Arts Company, Nashville, TN; “Where My Feet Stick To The Ground,” The Peanut Gallery, Nashville, TN

  • 1996: “Like A Rolling Stone Of Destiny,” The Electric Frog, Edinburgh, Scotland; “My Own Private Glencoe,” An Tuireann Arts Center, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland; “The Divorce Industry,” Eidolon Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1995: “Easels, Cities, Aliens & Spaceships,” Private Residence, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1992: “Johnny Law Kilt Mah Bruther,” Luna Gallery, Santa Fe, NM (performance); “Wreckrospective,” Zia Diner, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1991: “Look Out She’s Moving,” Santa Fe Bakery, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1986: “The Cyclopean Eye,” The Art Building, Notre Dame, IN


  • 2016: “OAS 2.0 + NOVAD @Magic Valley,” a post-Occupy communa near Denver, NY

  • 2011-15: Bushwick Open Studio Tour, including: “Kill Your Smart Phone (KYSP),” “Artist Zoo,” “Society for the Prevention of Creative Obsolescence (1 & 2),” with collaborators Shane Kennedy, Fletcher Liegerot and others; plus BOS/AiB group show/auction for Arts in Bushwick, and preview expositions for “Old Hick” and “Dim Tim” cycles of paintings + media

  • 2014: “Opening,” David Lusk Gallery – Nashville, TN; “The Price Is Right,” David Lusk Gallery – Nashville, TN

  • 2013: Lead Artist of Good Faith Space (at Standard ToyKraft), hosting exhibits of Dane Rex, Wilson Novitzki, Shane Kennedy, the Voyage of the Hippo (Kennedy & Clemens Poole), Jez Bold's Novad Library and performances, lectures and group shows featuring Novitzki, Eric Leiser, Sebastian Gladstone, Ambrose Curry III, Jakey Begin, Konstant, Ashley Strout and others, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2011-12: Occupy with Art co-organizer for “Occupy Printed Matter,” Printed Matter, Chelsea (NYC); “Low Lives: Occupy!” at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute (NYC); “Lapsed Logic” at Hyperallergic; “Wall Street to Main Street” in Catskill, NY; “CO-OP/Occuburbs/Occufest” in Huntington, Long Island (BJ Spoke Gallery and Center for Cinema Arts), Yoko Ono “Wish Tree for Zuccotti Park” + more…

  • 2012: “MIC CHECK: OCCUPY,” Sideshow Gallery (Williamsburg/Brooklyn-NYC)

  • 2011: “A New Dimension,” Silvershed (Chelsea-NYC); Dependent Art Fair, with Silvershed (NYC); Collective Show/Silvershed Gallery, performance with Reading Group #1, in conjunction with New Museum’s “Festival of Ideas” (NYC)

  • 2010: Gramatica Parda; ANDLAB Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2007: Lead Artist, ART FOR HUMANS GALLERY CHINATOWN, Los Angeles, CA: “100+ Hanks,” Rhizome’s Art Base (NYC); “BIO,” Rhizome’s Art Base (NYC); “FALL,” Rhizome’s Art Base (NYC); “A Prayer for Clean Water,” Rhizome’s Art Base (NYC); “Glenn Goldberg + NYC Artists,” Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis, MO; 2nd Year MFA Expo, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA

  • 2006: SCOPE Miami/Art Basel Miami, with Perpetual Art Machine (NYC)

  • 2005: “Pump Projects Presents: Peep Show,” Shady Tree Studios, Austin, TX; “Cross Ref.,” Pump Project at Shady Tree Studios, Austin, TX; “PumpedXmess,” Shady Tree Studios, Austin, TX

  • 2004: “Unframed Works,” SCA Projects Gallery Pomona, CA

  • 2003: “Circus Maximus – Cultura,” The Castle Door, Nashville, TN; “Ethereal Conecepts,” David L. Dickirson Gallery, Tamarack/WV Cultural Center, Beckley, WV; “Bar Codes, Rituals, & Subliminal Tapes,” AFH Gallery, Eureka, CA (Sponsored by Morris Graves Foundation)

  • 2002:”Fire…,” Bohan, with John Guider, Nashville, TN; “Summer Selections,” Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN; 3rd Annual VAAN Studio Tour (Preview Show Watkins College), Nashville, TN

  • 2001: “Small Packages 7,” Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN; “Fall Leaves Fall” (01), Exit/In, Nashville, TN; 2nd Annual VAAN Studio Tour (Preview Show at Watkins College), Nashville, TN; “Seam” (01), Attic Gallery, Nashville, TN; “Home” (01) Ruby Green Contemporary Arts Foundation, Nashville, TN

  • 2000: “Inside>Outside” (DddD) Parthenon Museum, Nashville, TN; “A Cold Empty Feelin’” (01) Ruby Green Contemporary Arts Foundation, Nashville, TN; “Heartless” (01) Poetry Reading & Multimedia, Bean Central, Nashville, TN; “Dog Show” (01) Fido, Nashville, TN; 1st Annual Nashville Artists’ Studio Tour (Preview show at ArtSynergy), Nashville, TN; “D.I.G. Through III,” Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN (Best of Show Award); “Home Show,” private residence, Nashville, TN; “Sensing Change,” ArtSynergy, Nashville, TN; “Artwork, Movie Stills, Sets,” Ground Zero, Nashville, TN

  • 1999: “Sirens & Conflagrations” (DddD) Cheekwood Museum/Temporary Contemporary, Nashville, TN; “In Sickness & In Health” (DddD) In the Gallery, Nashville, TN; “D.I.G. Through II,” Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN (panel discussion)

  • 1998: “Artclectic,” University School of Nashville, Nashville, TN; “D.I.G. Show,” Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN (panel discussion)

  • 1996: Local Color; Nashville, TN; Gallery of Tennessee Artists; Nashville, TN

  • 1993-4: ”Regional Standard Arts Project,” Santa Fe, NM

  • 1992: “All Souls Show,” Luna Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1991: “Black & White,” Aztec Cafe, Santa Fe, NM; “Portraits,” Aztec Cafe, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1988-9: Beckley Newspapers Inc. 7th Annual Juried Exhibition, Beckley, WV (Purchase Award)

  • 1987: 56th Annual Allied Artist Juried Exhibit, Sunrise Museum, Charleston, WV (Purchase Award)

  • 1986: Senior Show, Snite Museum of Art and Isis Gallery, Notre Dame, IN; 3rd Annual Museum Shop Juried Exhibition, The Contemporary Museum of Chicago; Chicago IL

  • 1985: 2nd Annual Museum Shop Juried Exhibition, The Contemporary Museum of Chicago, Chicago IL; American T-Shirt Gallery, New York, NY; Unique Boutique, New York, NY; Virtu, Detroit, MI; Commander Salamander, Washington, DC

Inside>Outside [DDDD] (2000)

Inside>Outside [DDDD] (2000)


  • The Dependent Art Fair, NYC, 2011, with Silver Shed Gallery

  • LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA, 2008-9, Timothy Yarger Fine Art

  • NADA Miami, FL 2008-9, Timothy Yarger Fine Art

  • Bridge Berlin, Germany, 2009 Timothy Yarger Fine Art

  • SCOPE (multiple), Perpetual Art Machine

LA Art Show - Yarger|Strauss Contemporary Booth (2009)

LA Art Show - Yarger|Strauss Contemporary Booth (2009)


  • Rhizome [New Museum] Art Base, New York City, NY

  • Linda Goldstein, Original Artists, New York City, NY

  • Boult, Cummings, Conners, & Berry PLC, Nashville, TN

  • Mr. & Mrs. Hewlett Smith, Beckley, WV

  • Demetria Kalodimos, Nashville, TN

  • King County Memorial Hospital, Seattle, WA

  • Sunrise Museum, Charleston, WV

  • Union Station Sheraton Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ground Zero, Nashville, TN

  • TBA Entertainment (Brooks and Dunn)

  • Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN

  • Morris Graves Foundation, Loleta, CA

100 Hanks at Rhizome Artbase (2001-06)

100 Hanks at Rhizome Artbase (2001-06)


  • I have produced many artist books and exhibit-related publications in digital and analog media, in many formats. Contact for samples. - PJM

  • Coverage of "Code Duello, Old Hick & a Big Bang" included features, previews and reviews in Burnaway, StyleBlueprint, The Tennessean, Nashville PRIDE and Nashville Arts Magazine (2014).

  • The PJM exhibition "DIM TIM: Fallacies of Hope" at SLAG Contemporary coincided with AiB/Bushwick Open Studios; DIM TIM was featured in Hyperallergic; AiB/BOS was covered in NY Times, Hyperallergic, ArtFCity, and many other NYC + arts-oriented publications and websites (2013).

  • NOVAD End of the World MEGAzine, No. 1, Vol. Ø: Graphic design, content, pre-production, production management, web launch, etc. [Dec. 2012]; book launch, performances, interventions at 1067 Pacific People [Bedford Stuyvesant, 2013] LINK:

  • [Paul McLean, from 2011 - 2013, published writings in Artinfo and the Brooklyn Rail. In 2010 he was interviewed by MutualArt (the interview was also published in the Jerusalem Post as “Exploring the Art Blogosphere). As co-organizer of Occupennial/Occupy with Art/Occupational Art School, McLean has also been interviewed for NY Arts Magazine, Hyperallergic, The Art Newspaper, Chronogram and other publications.]

  • Occupy with Art/OWS Arts & Culture have been covered in many national and international web and print media, including the New York Times, The Nation, Artforum, The Guardian, Artfagcity, Art:21, The Art Newspaper, The Huffington Post, and The LA Times.

  • Between 2000-14 Paul McLean published one of the most highly trafficked network of artist blogs in the world, including the now-defunct AFH Blog and AFH Myspace Blog, an array of three dozen Tumblr blogs, and more. The network published over 10000 posts, generated millions of hits and hundreds of thousands of downloads.

  • Coverage of Dependent Art Fair, and Silver Shed/Paul McLean artwork included artinfo, art observed, HYPERALLERGIC, artfagcity, etc… + NY Times

  • ART FOR HUMANS GALLERY CHINATOWN was covered in the artnet magazine feature LA Confidential by Emma Gray in 2007. The project was also reviewed in Artillery Magazine, Citizen LA and LA Weekly. AFHGC received many acknowledgements in webzines & artblogs around the wired world.

  • LAZER Artzine No. 3 (2008)

  • McLean, 01 and DddD have been previewed and reviewed numerous times by Nashville publications The Tennesean (12), SensoredMagazine (2), The Nashville Scene (7), The City Paper (4), Nashville In Review (3), and Nashville Rage (2).

  • “Paul McLean: Artist in Residence”; North Coast Journal, Humboldt County, CA; feature by Linda Mitchell

  • Santa Fe New Mexican, review of the Regional Standard Arts Project (1993)

  • [More on request]

"Sirens + Conflagrations" [DDDD] proposal package/booklet + media (1999)

"Sirens + Conflagrations" [DDDD] proposal package/booklet + media (1999)



  • chanorth/chashama [Pine Plains, NY]


  • Occupational Art School Node 1 at Bat Haus [Bushwick/Brooklyn/NYC]

  • Spatial Occupation of Hyperallergic (OWS A+C Spatial Team)[Williamsburg/Brooklyn/NYC]


  • St. Edward’s University

  • Shady Tree Studios


  • The Morris Graves Foundation

  • Ink People Center for the Arts

  • Riverwind, LLC


Amelia Winger-Bearskin at OAS/Bat Haus (2012)

Amelia Winger-Bearskin at OAS/Bat Haus (2012)


  • Numerous lectures and panel discussions; in 2009 McLean was selected as one of nine working artists in America to participate in the first National Endowment for the Arts panel forum on federal arts policy, hosted by WESTAF. In 2012 McLean appeared with Judith Molina at Living Theatre in a discussion on Paul Goodman.

  • 2011-12: Co-organizer of Occupy with Art/Occupennial [Which, in the context of OWS/Arts & Culture, I contend is the most profound free radical, experimental 4D art production in history – despite the near-total “art world” erasure of it (all) from the art historical discourse. With some exceptions... Occupy Museums will be included in the 2017 Whitney Biennial. Three of the five members of the OM collective, Noah Fischer, Arthur Polenta and Imani Jacqueline Brown, participated in OwA projects, including “Wall Street to Main Street.” - PJM]

  • 2006-Present: Produced or many online collectives using social media, including: AFH Monster Collective; AFH Friends Collective; The US Commonwealth Party; AFH International Artist’s Union; AFH Artist Portrait Project and others; also served as consultant on site development for online artist projects, including projects by Shane Kennedy (NYC), Joe Merrell(LA), Dane Carder (Nashville), Chanic (France, Congo), Gras Free (Belgium), and others.

  • 2007: Lead Artist, owner/operator of ART FOR HUMANS GALLERY CHINATOWN, Los Angeles, CA - Handled press relations, identity and design, curator and preparator duties, website maintenance, blogging and project documentation. Produced over twenty exhibits and screenings in four and a half months.

  • 2006: Cantanker Magazine, Austin, TX - Co-Founder, editorial consultant and regular national/international contributor to the online and print magazine for visual arts and culture based in Austin, Texas

  • 2005: L.A. Packing, Crating & Transport, Los Angeles, CA - Installed, prepared for shipment, transported and handled some of the world’s most precious artworks and cultural objects; clients included LACMA, MOCA, The Weismann Foundation, The Norton Simon Museum and many private collectors and institutions.

  • 2003: Reviewed the Armory Show, NYC for THE Magazine (Santa Fe, NM Arts Monthly) - unpublished

  • 2002: Book review for The Tennessean; Nashville, TN

  • 2000: Staff contributor of art listings and mini-reviews for Nashville Rage

  • 1998-1999: Staff columnist for Nashville In Review, Nashville, TN - Weekly visual arts reviewer for citywide publication; used forum to help Nashville legislate a Percent for Public Art program

  • 1998-2001: Destination Gallery at First Union Tower, Nashville, TN - Directed project for the integration of art and commerce in downtown Nashville high-rise office building; established exhibition space, the Destination Gallery, and curated exhibitions of paintings by artist Don Vogl, photographs by Scottish photographer Diane Barrie, and others; established annual exhibitions of works by building tenants; established Destination Gallery Newsletter for tenants of First Union Tower, notifying them of arts events

  • 1998: Artradio Radio Program, WRVU Radio Station, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN - Produced, hosted and directed live radio show, featuring interviews with artists, art collectors, publishers, writers, museum and arts organization personnel; also featured musical performances and radio drama; featured guests included Frank Stella, Richard Haas, Tom Otterness, Stephen Antonakos, Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen, Alexandra Nakita and many others

  • 1995-6: Goldleaf Framemakers of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM - Manufactured fine gilded picture frames for renowned artists, such as Richard Tuttle, Susan Rothenberg, Woody Gwyn and Elias Rivera; involved selecting, cutting, and preparing raw wood moldings for gilding; burnishing, applying finishes to frames and preparing frames for hanging; handled delivery, shipping and packing, and shop maintenance; Owner famed guilder Marty Horowitz

  • 1990-5

    • Artwaves and Art Talk Radio Programs, KVSF and KSFR Radio Stations, Santa Fe Community College; Santa Fe, NM: Produced, hosted and directed live radio show, featuring interviews with artists, art collectors, publishers, writers, museum and arts organization personnel; also featured musical performances and radio drama; featured guests included Richard Tuttle, Bob Wade, Ron Robles, John Connell, Terry Allen, Julie Lazar, The Vogels (Collectors), and many others

    • David Rettig Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM - Assistant gallery director for 19 year-old gallery, featuring the work of Bob Haozous, David Di Suvero, and others; answered phones, handled sales, shipped and packed art installed art, and assisted with artists’ receptions

    • Regional Standard Arts Project, Santa Fe, NM - Established and operated for fourteen months an artists’ gallery and networking center, exhibiting the work of over one hundred artists and artisans; organized, curated, installed exhibitions; coordinated and facilitated member meetings, speakers (such as Armando Lara) and performers; handled sales, shipping and packing, scheduling, and accounting

    • Old World Tile, Santa Fe, NM - Assisted master tile-setter Juan Lopez installing fine tile and stonework in Santa Fe area homes

    • Joe Wade Fine Arts and Joe Wade Contemporary Art, Monte Wade Fine Art, Terry Wade Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM - Worked as gallery salesman for oldest downtown Santa Fe gallery and four other Wade family-owned galleries

    • Contemporary Southwest and Frank Howell Galleries, Santa Fe, NM - Handled art installations for over forty artists in a 3500 sq. ft. space in downtown Santa Fe; shipped and packed art; sold and telemarketed artwork to collectors from around the world; assisted at artists’ receptions and transporting artwork

    • The Hollander Collection, Santa Fe, NM - Director of gallery featuring the art of Gino Hollander and his collection of Spanish colonial furniture

  • 1989-95: Elaine Horwitch Galleries, Santa Fe, NM - Assisted installation of exhibits by gallery artists, including Woody Gwyn, Thurman Statim and many others; shipped and packed art; assisted at artists’ receptions and transporting artwork; outside installations

  • 1989-90: Artisans de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM - Stretched Canvas in venerable Santa Fe art supply store for hundreds of local, national and international artists

  • 1988-9: Freedom Gallery, Beckley, WV - Owned and operated art gallery, handling all aspects of business

  • 1984-6: Funkshunart, USA - Manufactured and marketed unique hand-painted clothing, which was sold at the Contemporary Museum of Chicago Museum Shop, and numerous boutiques across the country

Bench designed by PJM at Destination Gallery (2001)

Bench designed by PJM at Destination Gallery (2001)


Paul McLean has performed poetry at many venues, including the Bowery Poetry Club, NY. His DDDD/01 music/spoken word projects were recorded by King Williams at the Universal Music Group singer-songwriter studio and Robert Solomon at Woodland Studios in Nashville, TN. McLean has produced over 200 moving image works for 4D/actual and virtual exhibit environments, since 2000, integrating original, appropriated and found sound/music/spoken word with digital cell-animations, photo-montage, 8- and 16mm film and a range of video formats. He has worked with many great musicians over the years, including Sharon Gilchrist, Jerry Dale McFadden, Roy-El Wooten, Michael Kott, Jeff Coffin, and Max Abrams. For a sample, visit HERE.


  • I took on Shane Kennedy as apprentice (7-year program), in 2000. After Shane completed his initial training (in AFHGC/2008), he and I have continued to collaborate on projects, through the present. - PJM

  • 2012: Co-Founded the Occupational Art School with Christopher Moylan and Jenjoy Roybal. OAS was initially presented as a 4D exhibit at Co-Lab in Austin, TX. The second phase took form as a residency at Bat Haus in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. OAS hosted presentations by Novads/OWS Arts & Culture Anarchive, Eric Leiser, Liv Mette Larsen, Joe Riley and Audrey Snyder, Voyage of the Hippo I, Lavinia Nannini, and many others. OAS also generated outside projects such as the New Ergonomics toroidal drawing workshop (Instructor: Chris Moffett at Chashama/Harlem), a tour of Bushwick street art by Bushwick Collective founder Joe Ficalora, a 4D media/reading “Men Who Work Under the Ground” at Human Relations Bookstore featuring Moffett, Blake Seidenshaw, Ben Nadler and Amelia Winger-Bearskin, “Starr Street Slam,” a reading event with Brooklyn Rail (featuringDisciplineAriel, Winger-Bearskin, Ted Hamm, Barbara Browning, Doug Cordell, Corey Eastwood, Konstant and Paul McLean), presentations at University of Massachusetts and Black Mountain College (in conjunction with Buckminster Fuller Institute) and more.

  • 2011-12: Visiting artist at NY Studio Residency Program (Dominique Nahas) and School of Visual Arts (Joseph Nechvatal, Fawn Potash)

  • 2005: Series of four lectures and demonstrations at St. Edward’s University, plus “4D Aesthetics for Community Arts Projects and Community Artists” lecture at Shady Tree Studios, for Pump Projects, Austin, TX

  • 2003: Lectured at Parsons New School of Art to graduate students on “The 4D Artist & Applied Aesthetics”

  • 1987-2003: Conducted private tutorials with children and adults

  • 1997-1999: Cheekwood Education, Nashville, TN - Provided art instruction for numerous classes, age-groups, and mediums for the Cheekwood Education Program

  • 1998: O’More College of Design, Franklin, TN - Painting instructor at accredited design college

  • 1996: Wilderness Adventure Company, Santa Fe, NM - Taught art to as many as thirty children, ages 6-14, per day; focus on painting and sketching

  • 1993-4: Regional Standard Arts Project, Santa Fe, NM - Coordinated the development of curriculum for several classes for adults, including photography, found objects, and painting from the figure; established guest lecture series, featuring nationally and regionally recognized artists, collectors and business people; counseled artists on daily basis, regarding career goals, presentation, and education

  • 1989-90: Girl’s Club of Santa Fe - Taught art in after-school program, grades K-6

  • 1989: Beckley Children’s Museum, Beckley, WV - Taught painting to children, ages 6-12

PJM lecture at St. Edward's University during APFCW expo. (2005)

PJM lecture at St. Edward's University during APFCW expo. (2005)